Guiding You Through the Complex Probate Process

Probate is the distribution of a person’s assets and estate, and hopefully it is consistent with his or her plans and wishes at the time of death.

While Bartley Law advises all its clients on the necessary legal steps that must be taken in order to avoid probate, there are many instances where probate can’t be avoided.  Probate can be arduous and confusing, but we can help.

You will need a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer if the administration of your estate is to be handled properly and to ensure that all your needs and concerns throughout the complex—and often very lengthy—probate process are addressed.

Bartley Law understands the details and intricacies required to properly maneuver successfully through the probate process, including the many legal filings that must be done in a timely manner .  With years of experience handling probate issues for clients, we can explain each step and ensure that everything is in order so that the hard-earned assets of your family’s legacy can be properly distributed in accordance with the will of the deceased.